Robert Hood

Jay Adelson

Jeff Rizzo

Matt Wood

Louie Lee

Ralph Pearson

Kael Loftus

Evan Kasakove

Mark Swartz

Mike Newton


Gideon Wober

Jason Newquist

Ian Waters


This is a recording made by Michael Glenny, Swing Shift Supervisor for a bit; he thought he was erasing his failed attempts at recording a voicemail greeting, but was actually just *pausing* between recordings, resulting in the remarkable 30 second greeting found here.


This is the result of a really lame pager company reissuing a pager number "due to lack of use." The interesting part is highlighted in the resultant pager greeting message, which reveals that Gideon Wober, Senior Network Management Architect who is on call 24/7 for service-affecting issues, is having his pages intercepted by a 12-15yr old PLAYER.